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Hello MamaB, I just happened upon your blog via Buckets of Burlap and wanted to just say hello. I love France, esp. the Cote d'Azur area (weather!). I fell in love with Grasse when we visited in 2008. I'm in Germany, but I love the way the French decorate and just the style of France. Now I need to learn my French, so I can visit those flea markets and haggle!
Lovely blog! LG, Siggie


I just checked my comments and found one from you and then popped over and am in love...with your blog! :)
I love it when you stumble upon a space where a like-minded soul is writing tidbits, sharing their thoughts.
I was hooked immediately by the mama, traveler, wannabe interior designer aspects of your life. Thanks for finding me. I'm adding you to my reader.

Mama B

Great to hear from you and thank you Christine for your kind words. What a fantastic opportunity, of course I don't know how living in Paris has been but I can definately vouch for this area!
To start with I recommend that you get onto websites such as the following where you will find many of your question answered and if not, you can ask your question. You can get advice from folk living in the are who will give you great insight of life in the South of France;

Depending on whether you will be buying or renting, you could then get in touch with a couple of real estate agencies to find out what is on offer and the prices.

There is a large expat community in Sophie Antipolis and Valbonne is just gorgeous with a really busy market on a Friday.

I wish you luck and do keep in touch.


Christine Marek

Hi...I just came upon your post by accident and loved it! We are a Canadian family having lived in Paris for the last year and are looking to move to the south of France. My husband has the opportunity to work from Sofia Antipolis and alot of his co workers live in the Grasse area. Problem is we have no idea how to go about doing this. Where to live? Schools for my three boys? Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated. My email is

Mama B

Thank you Sandy and I hope to hear your comments from time to time. Although it is early days, I am loving it. This afternoon I took TweenieBs to a forest where they tried all kinds of activities in the trees - how wonderful is that! It certainly is a change to always being
in an air conditioned environment because it is 45 degrees outside!


Sandy Maberly

I just found your site today and I'm anxious to see where life takes you! Good luck with your transition in the French lifestyle. I have numerous friends in severals areas of France and have the opportunity to travel and work over there on a frequent basis....and love it! My husband and I currently live in the U.S. but we plan to retire either in France or back in the U.K. (my husband is British).

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