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May 2, 2012


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Mama B

Bin Der, you are absolutely right about the bends, the pipes in the picture are the old ones and as you say, no clean outs with ninety degree bends! Thank you for the comment. MamaB X

Bin Der

Are those the old pipes in the photo, or the new ones? If they're the new ones, well, I'd still be careful about what you flush. Ninety degree bends? No cleanouts?

Mama B

It will be wonderful to not worry about the flush as no matter how many times you tell the children ...... There is a rumour that there are plans for our area to connect to the public sewer but since it has been around for the past 4yrs that's something I will think about if/when it happens. Maybe I should start a collection jar now!

Fern Driscoll

Ugh. I feel your pain. Our fognia biologica failed last year and we had to connect to the public sewer - 30 vertical feet above us. Pumps, pipes. It was a huge job, and don't you just hate spending money on stuff like this? So many other more fun things to use it for. (We were lucky, when we re-structured the house in '02 there was no public sewer on our road). But won't it be nice when you don't have to worry every time you flush??1

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